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Make ANY area an extension of your home!  Texas Epoxy has developed a unique multi-step process for installing high quality epoxy floor coatings.

The most important part of the entire epoxy flooring process is the concrete preparation.  Without a textured surface the epoxy paint will not adhere to the concrete, making it very easy for the coating to peel up in the future.  This issue is the #1 problem when attempting a "do it yourself" epoxy kit, which are commonlly found at Lowe's, Home Depot, or even Wal-Mart.  Most individuals and even many epoxy companies use harsh chemicals to "etch" the garage floor for preparation.  Not only are these chemicals dangerous to handle, but they are ineffective against concrete that has been treated with sealers.  Almost ALL residential garage floors have either been sealed when they were first poured or are heavily troweled.


After the concrete prep is complete, your installation specialist(s) will clean the entire garage floor multiple times to remove all dust and dirt particles.  This is done with a combination of industrial vacuums, brooms, and damp mops. After the floor is clean, a High-Grade 100% solid epoxy coating is applied to completely cover the entire floor.


During the coating process, the decorative flakes are applied if desired. Decorative flakes serve two important purposes, 1) they are what gives the epoxy coasted garage floor its unique and decorative appearance, and 2) it is the substance that gives the flooring extra texture for a true "non-slip" surface. Our flakes come in several color combinations and we apply them in a light, medium, or full broadcast density.


The last step is a commerical grade sealant that is applied after epoxy floor coating is partially or fully dry; usually this takes place in the late afternoon or early the second day. Your new epoxy flooring needs a minimum of 24 hours with zero contact after installation is complete. Light foot traffic is acceptable after 24 to 48 hours after installation is complete. Driving, parking, storing garage items is acceptable after 72+ hours after installation is complete.

Our Process...

Epoxy Garage Flooring Process

Garage Flooring Texturing & Prep

Texas Epoxy - Garage Coating Process

Deep Cleaning & Epoxy Coating

Texas Epoxy - Design, Flaking & Sealant Options

Design, Flaking & Epoxy Sealant

Light-Flakes Medium-Flakes Heavy-Flakes


Light Flake Density

Available in any combination of colors.


Medium Flake Density

Available in any combination of colors.


Heavy Flake Density

Available in any combinaiton of colors.





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