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All pricing for Texas Epoxy floor installations are calculated by price per square foot. This turnkey pricing includes all preparation, epoxy coating installation, sealant installation, and clean-up. The only item not included is removal of all items inside the garage. Keep in mind these items will need to be kept out of the garage for 72+ hours. Valuable and weather-sensitive items need to be stored indoors, other items can be stored outdoors at owner's discretion.


Calculating square footage is simple for most layouts; for square or rectangular garages measure the total length of the garage and multiple this number by the total width of the garage and the total is your square footage. For irregular garages, break the surface area into two or more rectangles/squares, then calculate square footage for each rectangle/square, next add all three totals together to finally get one total square footage. The diagram below may be helpful for irregular garages. Add Total Area 1 to Total Area 2 to get the TOTAL AREA for the garage.


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Texas Epoxy - Houston Epoxy Flooring SM

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